Going To A Christening

Posted on April 05, 2022 by Les Sharma

We had an invite to a Christening last weekend, it was held at St Paul’s catholic church in Dover. The service was starting at 10am and the christening was part of the morning service as is usually the way these days. There were three babies being christened that morning and ours was the last. Even though the ceremony is not as big as it was in years gone by, the guests still get dressed for the occasion and bring the baby gifts.

Personalised Christening Gift Engraved Hanging Plaque / SignPersonalised Christening Gift Engraved Hanging Plaque / Sign

After the service was finished we made our way to a hall that was hired for the day…It was decorated in silver and white, balloons, streamers and table decorations which were all lovely!

It is always hard to decide what to give as a Christening gift, it depends on the type of Christening you are attending. If it is a religious service, gifts such as small bibles, rosaries and gifts with a religious meaning would be a good idea. If it is a non religious ceremony or naming service then these may not be appropriate, silver gifts are always popular such as money boxes, certificate holders or cups. Other more practical ideas could include a cutlery set or dinner ware, these can always be personalised too.

Personalised Olive Wood Christening Gift Star
Personalised Olive Wood Christening Gift Star

We had a lovely day, the food and drink offered was delicious and it was good to catch up with old friends and in case you are wondering what we took as a gift…We decided on a cream leather photo album to keep special memories in.

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