The Power Of Music For Babies

Posted on April 05, 2022 by Les Sharma

There have been numerous studies over the years, which confirm the ability of music to soothe the mind; the word lullaby has been used in the English language since the Middle Ages. It’s one of several, such as rock a by and hush baby which shows that generations of parents have used music to help soothe their babies to sleep

Babies in the womb can hear music that is played in the environment from around 6 months there are many studies advise that classical music is most beneficial…though I do think any type of music that you enjoy would be ideal!

Henry playing with the Giraffe music box

Music Boxes make great baby gifts

Music with a repetitive, simple beat is the easiest for a baby to understand. The studies show that babies who listen to music have better co ordination of their hands and feet and music also has a positive impact on intelligence too!

Music can be a great addition to a baby’s bedtime routine, after a soothing bath it’s a lovely way to ease the transition from wakefulness to sleep.

Our gorgeous wooden music boxes feature popular classical music and may help soothe babies at bedtime.

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