5 Of The Best DIY Floral Tutorials!

Posted on May 02, 2018 by Tamzin Sharma

With wedding season in full swing and to indulge in my love of flowers, I thought I would do a round up of some of my favourite floral video tutorials.

I have included videos that use both fresh and faux flowers, the occasion will determine what you use. Of course all these ideas are not just for weddings, flowers are a wonderful and fun addition to any occasion, a party, Christening, a baby shower or even just as a beautiful display in your own home!

Flowers can set the scene, whether they are soft and romantic or structural and geometric, pretty pastels or bold and bright. Then there is foliage, leaves can look dramatic as a stand alone display, or to enhance your choice of flowers.

At the end of this blog I have shared some of my favourite laser Engraving Company product photos that include fresh flowers. I am very lucky to have a friend who is an amazing florist... she is able to translate my ideas into exactly what I want. Thanks Teresa, you are a clever lady!  

1. Simple Floral Wreath

First up is a fantastic Floral Wreath tutorial by Lynette Yoder. Within the video there are three different wreath ideas that have inspired me to have a go and Peonies, did I mention Peonies are one of my most favourite of flowers!

2. Floral Monogram Letters

I have seen these letters all over Instagram, I think they would look amazing in a nursery. You could even pick your colours to suit seasons or celebrations, Christmas, Halloween or what about Easter? And of course they would be a great idea to personalise a wedding.

3. Flower Box Centerpiece

Maison De Fleurs is a luxury florist that sells exquisite (read - mega expensive!) blooms. Their flower boxes are stunning, so here is a fabulous tutorial to make an inexpensive and easy version for yourself. You can customise it to your own style and decor and you could use fresh flowers if you preferred.


4. Pretty Floral Wall Hanging

I love this super simple idea! It is so pretty… reminiscent of a macrame hanging. I think it would look beautiful at a rustic styled wedding with fresh flowers or as a wall hanging for behind my bed with faux flowers.

5. Real look Faux Floral Bouquet

And finally. Wow! I just love this beautiful bouquet, roses, peonies, pearls...what more could a girl ask for? Oh yes, a bouquet that lasts forever!



As I mentioned, if at all possible I love to use fresh flowers in our product photography, apart from anything if you have beautiful flowers you don’t really need much else in terms of props.

Here are some of my favourite shots with flowers from our wedding range, including Bride and Groom hangers, save the date cards and beautiful engraved glasses. 

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And if you would like to see more of Teresa's amazing floristry skills, you can find her here.


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