Five Reasons To Choose Personalised Gifts

Posted on April 05, 2022 by Les Sharma

If you're struggling to find something that shows how much you care, have you thought about giving a personalised present? By selecting a beautiful gift that's also engraved with the name of the recipient, you're not just providing something fresh and new, you're also gifting a unique, original item that is likely to become a valued keepsake, treasured for many years to come. Whether you're choosing a personalised gift for the first time, or have already discovered that personalised contributions are always well-received, here are five good reasons why personalisation is a great option.

A Little Hug, Olive Wood Tiny Hug Token
A Little Hug, Olive Wood Tiny Hug Token Gift


Personalisation shows that you've thought about the recipient

Because a name means so much, taking the trouble to ensure that your gift is individually engraved gives a personal, caring touch to your present that you just can't get from an ordinary product. We are able to skilfully engrave any name you wish on a wide range of high-quality toys, photo frames, plaques and other items; whether you want to buy a gift especially for a small child, or are looking for an option that parents will cherish, we have a selection of well-chosen choices that offer something suitable for everyone.

Personalised Yellow Giraffe Wooden Pull Along Toy
Personalised Yellow Giraffe Wooden Pull Along Toy

We can engrave any name on your gift

If you're shopping for a child named Olivia, Noah or Oliver, finding personalised merchandise can be fairly straight-forward.  For children with less widely used names, locating personalised goods can be a nightmare. Try finding a named item for Sharaz, Arabella or Quinton! One of the advantages of using our engraving service is that we can add any name to a product of your choice. Not only can we accommodate less well-known names, we can also engrave names popular in other parts of the world, shortened forms of names (Beth rather than Elizabeth, Jim instead of James, for example) or even pet names that are unique to the gift recipient.

Personalised 'This Daddy Belongs To...' Wooden Oak Keyring
Personalised 'This Daddy Belongs To...' Wooden Oak Keyring

It's never too early for children to recognise their names

Even at pre-school or nursery, there are often places (coat pegs, property name tags, named work) where the child's name will be on display. If a child can recognise their own name, they're able to be that little bit more independent, finding their possessions quickly and easily.  A personalised toy allows them to get used to seeing their name in written form very early on.  Even if they're unable to recognise individual letters and relate them to sounds, the shape of their name will soon become familiar. For older children, a personalised toy can be a great help when it comes to learning to write their name – no need to keep asking mum or dad how it's spelled!

Family Member Personalised Gift Engraved Wooden Chopping Board
Family Member Personalised Gift Engraved Wooden Chopping Board


Why stop at names?

There's no need to restrict your message to a name.  Greetings, wise sayings or a special date can all be engraved on your product to our usual impeccable standard. Plaques and photo frames lend themselves particularly well to alternative messages; why not use a photo frame for baby's picture, with the date of birth engraved on it? “With love”, “Love always”, “Special boy/girl” or “Welcome to our world” all make attractive additions to a picture frame and offer a sincere, enduring message.

Car personalised puzzlePersonalised Wooden Car Jigsaw Puzzle Toy

Personalisation is a practical method of identification

Small children (and busy parents) often find that keeping track of their property can be difficult!  How many parents tell tales of spending hours retracing their steps to find a beloved cuddle rag or toy? Not only do our brightly coloured toys stand out, but if they're engraved, they're easily identifiable as your own. Our engraving doesn't chip off or fade, so even much played with toys can still be quickly recognisable. No matter how much tough love our engraved toys receive, the personalised engraving remains clear. For an attractive, high-quality answer to your personalised gift needs, take a look at our carefully chosen selection.

Personalised Olive Wood Wedding HeartPersonalised Olive Wood Wedding Heart

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